About The Malik Design

Welcome to Malik Design, the Maker’s Market. We are the platform for unique furniture, art, craft, fashion, and home decor created by artisans across India. Not only are we a collector’s dream, but also a makers’ hub. We are your source of products that are not mass-produced, that have individuality and character, and cater to connoisseurs of the same.

Started in the year August 2013, Malik Designs has been a pioneer in manufacturing and retailing supreme quality and elegant range of Wall Decor, Wall Paintings, and other home decor items. Headquartered at Jodhpur, we have been offering the most creative and beautiful decals all over the country.

To the folk who’ve dropped by – If you’re tired of wearing the same clothes and accessories as all your friends, having the same furniture and home décor as all your neighbors, then welcome to Engrave. Our makers market is the perfect place to find products that match your personality and aren’t mass-produced. Read about the people behind your favorite purchases and even interact with them when you want something customized. Malik Designs was born out of the love for Indian furniture and handicrafts, manufacturing & exporting these to international clients. The company has now entered the retail domain with Malikdesign.com to provide selling opportunities for artisans through the website. Known worldwide for its high-quality standards, Malik Design has handpicked the best of the craftsmanship throughout India and brought to you the very best of the home and office décor items helping the art society on the way to generate revenue and develop it further.

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